9 comments on “Mixing – The Importance of Spectrum Analysis

  1. I really like using analyzers. I can’t stand those people who down using visual charts and graphs on plug-ins. According to them, you should rely solely on your ears, but you know, sometime the ears just don’t cut it and the eyes have to take over. If it sounds good in the end, who will care if you used a graph to pick out a frequency to fix rather than using your eyes? No one.

    • Yes no one will know less care about you using a graph. Not every frequency is detected by everyone, we all have different ears at the end of that day. Some people would struggle to hear 16khz depending on their hearing lol.

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  3. I definitely struggle to hear 16kHz – in fact I think I struggle to hear anything above 12kHz 😦

    Ah well, the penalties of getting old – weep!

    • Ah it comes to us all! I still have good hearing remarkably. I can hear 16k+ which is good. How on earth after playing live for 15 years without earplugs I have no idea haha.

      • Lucky you! I think my hearing loss is hereditary as most of my mother’s side of the familiar are fairly hard of hearing. Every bass player I know is deaf yet they laugh at me when I wear earplugs now!!!

      • That’s unfortunate! No laughing matter though I always use mine now! Yeah slight tinnitus I can deal with I wouldn’t want it getting worse it would effect my mixing.

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