Mixing & Mastering Services

EQ Graph IconMixing and Mastering Services have now been moved to http://www.mix2master.co.uk

Please see the website for more information 🙂

My rates for additional services are as follows:

  • 1 Full song mixed – £40.00
  • 1 song mastered – £20.00
  • Discounts for Albums or EP’s (Contact me to discuss)

So you have great songs that need mixed or mastered? You’re a musician and don’t have a huge budget to hand yet you need that professional sound!

I’m here to provide just that. A professional sound at an affordable musician friendly price.

Why choose to be so affordable? – Because as a working musician myself I know cost’s are important.

How am I so affordable? – I work from my home mixing and mastering suite. A room with a sole purpose from day 1 to mixing and master. Don’t let that fool you into thinking quality is compromised, I guarantee professional quality mixes and masters. You don’t foot the bill for expensive commercial studio space but get a commercial studio sound.

What will you do?

For mixing I request audio files as full length stems (from start position of song 0:00 to end). I will provide you with a dropbox folder to upload the files to. I then load these into my digital workstation, edit, clean up and generally prep the files for mixing.

I will mix the song either according to your guidelines or under my own interpretation of how the song should sound.This means utilizing compression, EQ, reverb and other effects to provide a balanced mix with space and clarity.
I will then mixdown the files to a 24bit stereo file with at least 6db of headroom (-6dBFS) ready for mastering. Finally I upload the file to a shared dropbox folder for you to access. I usually provide a client with 2 – 4 alternative mix’s (with client input) to choose from.

Your audio file(s) will be loaded into my digital audio workstation (DAW) where I will adjust the tracks overall tonal balance using EQ. Compression will be used the provide a more cohesive mix and smoothing of the track. Finally the volume (RMS) of your track(s) will be optimized to a commercial level of loudness without compromising audio integrity.

How long will it take?

For mixing session I aim for a 4 working day maximum (for first mix) turnaround from receiving the stem audio files.

I aim to undertake a mastering session within 5 working days (multiple tracks).
Less if it is only one song, possibly 2 days minimum from receiving the audio track.

Can I request changes to a mix or master?

Yes! I will make up to 3 revisions of the original mix or 2 revisions of a master completely free of charge to ensure you are happy with the final sound.

What format of files should I send?


  • 24bit 44.1Khz or Higher stereo WAV files are preferred.
  • Ensure there is at least 3dB of headroom on each file.
  • Please use no saturation, limiters or compressors on the mixbuss when bouncing.
  • Finally label your files correctly – Example, Artist name – Song name.wav


  • 16bit – 24bit WAV with 3dB headroom minimum
  • Send multi track stems of every channel in your mix starting at 0.00 (beginning of song) to end of song.
  • Ensure no track stems are clipping or distorted.
  • Please leave any compression to me.

Recent Testimonials

“Definitely worth the try. I had my song I had already mixed and mastered my self re-mixed and mastered by Steve to give it a different perspective. He was able to produce 4 different mixes and masters for me and even showed me what he did to each instrument. Great way to learn from other professionals in the industry. I was very pleased with the mixes. Gave me some great ideas for my future mixes. Awesome work!” – JuiceBeat Productions

“Steve – Thanks for your mix on my track! It was great! Everything you did was spot on and the turn around in me sending you the mix to you sending it back to me was very speedy! 10/10!” – Mark Midwinter

Email: studioinsider@hotmail.co.uk with enquiries and further questions.


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